11 Hidden Gigged.AI Features

11 Hidden Gigged.AI Features

11 Hidden Gigged.AI Features Freelancers And Hiring Managers Need to Know

Back in July 2022 we announced that we had secured grant funding from Scottish Enterprise towards our build of Gigged 2.0. The premise of Gigged 2.0 was to move our platform from MVP to full product that could benefit freelancers, small business and large enterprises. After a hard but successful build we were honoured to receive our first G2 badge for High Performance in January 2023.

Then later in January of 2023 Gartner announced that the biggest hiring trend in 2023 is quiet hiring, demand is now building. However, as we have been so focussed on building and testing the new platform we have not done a great job of sharing some of the new and hidden features on the Gigged platform.

Here is the top 11 features you need to know about the Gigged.AI platform, whether you are looking for a new gig, a new hire or even looking to build your own internal marketplace:

#1 Post a gig, plant a tree

We love an API at Gigged.AI but this is an old favourite. Every time a client posts a gig we plant a tree thanks to our API with Tree Nation. No gimmicks, no hidden charges. We genuinely plant a tree and you will get the proof automatically. So far we have planted over 300 trees.

#2 Painless payments through our Escrow Payment System 

Freelancers hate chasing pay and clients hate being chased to pay invoices. As every gig has pre-agreed milestones, our Escrow system in partnership with Stripe ensures that late payments are a thing of the past.

#3 Death to Spam gigs with our SOW Gig Builder

We say death to spam gigs. Many of the larger platforms have a mix of high quality but also very low quality spam gigs, often these can be scams. Thanks to our new improved SOW Gig builder alongside our partnership with Amiqus we ensure that gigs are of a high quality and verified. Every single gig is qualified to ensure that deliverables, skills and desired outcomes are captured.

#4 A little clever AI to help with accurate matching

We won’t bore you with taxonomies and vectors. Our skill matching AI ensures freelancers get a notification when their skills match a gig and vice versa for the client. This ensures that you get a match instantly and you don’t need to wait days to get a hire made. We have seen hires made in less than 30 minutes.

#5 Add all your team in one click

This may seem really simple but the biggest thing hiring companies ask for is the ability to add new hiring manager accounts easily. So we listened and have now launched this feature as part of out Gigged 2.0 platform update. 

#6 A choice of packages for larger companies

Larger companies consistently asked us if we could do more than our standard package. This included vetting, integration, purchase orders and subscription pricing. Our Enterprise and Enterprise Plus packages are tailored for larger companies who need to make 50+ hires.

#7 The CV is dead

We believe that CV’s are old hat. Leonardo Da Vinci invented them in 1482. Our new improved freelancer profile with the ability to add Linked in, portfolio and even a pre-recorded video through our partnership with Willo. And even more you send a personalised proposal to the client you have been matched to including all this detail. There are no credit system or anything like that, just get matched, send a proposal and hopefully get the gig!

#8 Integrate, integrate, integrate

Another big ask by larger clients was the ability to integrate with leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and Employer of Record (EOR) platforms. Well we now can accommodate most requests through our Enterprise and Enterprise packages.

#9 New simpler and effective freelance community

We wanted to build a community from day one but we overcomplicated it. So, we listened to feedback from freelancers and created a simple slack channel with a notion page behind it. This helps freelancers ask advice from peers, find gigs and access free support like coaching and mental health apps.

#10 No crazy fees if freelancer decides to go perm

Recruitment companies can charge anywhere from 15-40% to transfer a freelancer to a permanent employee if it suits both sides. Even large platforms have started this practice. At Gigged.AI we dont believe in contract-to-hire so there will never be a transfer fee.

#11 Want to build your own marketplace? We have you covered.

Last but definitely not least, Gartner recently put Internal Talent Marketplaces in the Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. We kept getting asked if we could white label our marketplace to universities, education providers, large companies and even other talent platforms. So we decided to go big and build a way that we can now deploy an Internal Talent Marketplace in less than 24 hours. It is cost effective and simple to use. We are really proud of it and have made over 300 internal matches and counting.

Testimonials for Gigged 2.0


Gigged.AI now has a 4.9/5 rating on software rating site G2, this can be viewed here:


Here is a snapshot of feedback from freelancers and hiring managers:

Great place for freelancers to find work

Gigged.AI is a great platform for freelancers to find work without the hassle of looking for clients. The freelancer community is really useful for advice and resources too!

Annie Caley – Renn Freelance Content Writer, UK

Fantastic for creatives and businesses

‘As a freelancer, it’s so simple to use. The design and concept of Gigged.AI is brilliant and I use it on a daily basis. Not only does it support freelancers, but also allows you to make connections within your field. The whole team are fantastic and constantly checking in.’

Lilly C, Digital Designer, UK

Would highly recommend

‘Great experience with a supportive staff base behind it. Immediate payment from escrow on completion, which is normally the very slow and painful part of project completion.’

Kyle Bowes, Cyber Security, UK

A game changer

‘Simple and effective, but with a freelance talent pool that packs a punch – Gigged.AI is not to be overlooked.’

Derek Rose – CIO – V-Group

A wonderful service

‘Gigs are matched and executed incredibly quickly – I couldn’t recommend Gigged.AI more highly.’

Charlie Winton, CEO and Founder – OK Positive

Very happy!

All went really well thanks, very happy with where we got to and the quality of work provided by the freelancer.

Best thing, the follow up from the team at every stage. That’s a great element of the service. It can be quite daunting spending £thousands on a web platform when you are an SME and the personal touch is absolutely required to make this seamless.

Thanks again and looking forward to my next gig!

Douglas McNeil, MD at Eolas

Great tech, great freelancers

‘Getting our freelancer through Gigged.AI was a dreamy process. I can’t wait to continue to use Gigged.AI for our freelancer needs in the future.’

Andrew Cook – Bunkrd – Founder

For Companies

Massively improved operational efficiency

Gigged.AI was super easy to use and I was receiving responses within minutes. The support team were excellent and went above and beyond to help me secure staff quickly.’

Euan Cameron, CEO and Co-founder, Willo

A great platform for finding tech freelancers

‘As a startup business, we need to be able to adapt quickly to client demands – and finding great talent on the Gigged platform has helped us move quicker when we need to.’

Will Boyle, COO, Forth Point

Amazing culture and experience

‘The support and time taken to help and guide me has been fantastic. You quickly find out how much the team at Gigged are looking to help and support you on your journey.’

Robert Davidson, Founder, Tax Torch

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