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Funding the people and tech you need to implement AI in your business

We’ve partnered with OpenAI to make it quicker and more affordable than ever to build with AI. 

Up to 5 businesses who hire a freelancer through Gigged in November will have the chance to get the project fully funded, alongside credits from OpenAI (T&Cs Apply).

See how AI can transform your business

Marketing and Sales

Use AI to power product recommendation engines, or help your sales teams improve conversion rates through AI lead scoring.

Data and Decision-making

Integrate AI into your business intelligence tools to generate insights or help you optimise forecasts and strategies.

Customer Service 

Create chatbots to assist your customers exactly when they need it. Use NLP to analyse customer feedback and sentiment.

Automation and Optimisation

Automate routine tasks that free up your employees to focus on strategic work, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Exclusive benefits for your AI project

Up to 5 lucky businesses who create an AI-focused gig on Gigged.AI between 1-30 November will have their project fully funded by Gigged.AI. All participants will be eligible to receive OpenAI credits to kickstart their AI journey.

Winning projects will be selected on a range of criteria such as their potential to create impact for your business.

(T&Cs Apply)

How to get involved:

Post a Gig

Post your gig on Gigged.AI before 1 December 2023. It takes 2 minutes thanks to our statement of work creator


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Choose the best person for your project and it's time to kick off the work

Hani added a product recommendation AI engine to our e-commerce platform and absolutely nailed it! Through the use of machine learning, his system smartly suggests additional products based on user behaviour and past purchases which is exactly what we were looking for. The new feature has already shown a 20% increase in upsell opportunities in its first month. What impressed us even more was his proactive inclusion of an AB testing framework to continuously optimise the recommendations, something we never thought of. Strongly recommend Hani to anyone in need of an AI whizz!

See how an AI expert can help you

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Thomas Cartwright

Machine Learning Engineer (6 years experience), MSc in Artificial Intelligence (specialising in recommender systems, ranking and reinforcement learning).

Stephanie Earp

An accomplished applied machine learning scientist with a PhD in geophysics and ML. Expertise revolves around developing computer vision models, 2D and 3D deep neural networks, and Bayesian Machine learning models using Python. 

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Adam Sroka

An experienced data and AI leader helping organisations unlock value from data by delivering enterprise-scale solutions and building high-performing data and analytics teams from the ground up.

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