From Fulltimer to Freelance Consultant

From Fulltimer to Freelance Consultant

The first time I heard of ‘freelancing’ was in the early days of my career when working at an agency in London. I was interested in the ‘day rate’ world of work.

Guide to Finding Work for Laid-Off Tech Professionals

Laid-Off Tech Professionals

If you open up Linked In you will see more and more “Open for Work” banners from Laid-Off Tech Professionals. So far 2023 has been the year of tech layoffs, leaving thousands of tech professionals without jobs. According to TechCrunch and Layoffs.FYI, the running total of layoffs for 2023 is 201,860. Being laid off can […]

The Upside Of A Down Market: How To Take Advantage Of Tough Times

freelance platforms

In the current business landscape, both freelance platforms and individual freelancers are facing the brunt of a challenging market. With shrinking budgets, longer sales cycles, and nervous investors, the outlook may seem bleak. However, amidst these difficulties lies a silver lining. By embracing bootstrapping, fostering leadership, harnessing data insights, and exploring new avenues, businesses can […]

Tech Layoffs in 2023: Unveiling the Impact and Navigating Forward

Tech Layoffs

Introduction to Tech Layoffs The tech landscape of 2023 has been marked by a significant wave of tech layoffs, leaving tens of thousands of tech professionals without jobs. The running total of layoffs for 2023 is 201,860 according to TechCrunch. This trend, driven by prominent industry players like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Meta, and Zoom, […]

10 Data Analysis Myths Debunked: Empowering Freelancers for Success

Data Analysis

In today’s digital age, data analysis has emerged as a highly sought-after field, offering lucrative opportunities for freelancers. However, misconceptions often surround this profession, leading to uncertainties among aspiring data analysts. In this blog, we aim to debunk common myths and shed light on essential aspects of a data analyst’s career. Whether you’re a freelancer […]

UI/UX Designers: What They Are, Differences, and Career Prospects

UI/UX Designers

UI/UX design is a field that has gained tremendous attention in recent years. The role of a UI/UX designer is to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface for digital products such as websites, applications, and software. In this blog post, we will explore what UI/UX designers are, their differences, and whether UI/UX design is […]

Back-end Developer: Key Skills and Career Prospects

Back-end Developer

Discover the world of back-end development and learn about the key skills, tools, and emerging trends in this rapidly evolving field. Find out if back-end development is a good career choice, how much back-end developers get paid, and the differences between back-end and front-end development.