How to Recession-Proof Your Business: 7 Tips for SMBs

Whatever we do, a recession is coming in 2023. And small and medium businesses stand to be particularly affected.  Unlike large enterprises, SMBs don’t typically have the cash reserves or huge profit margins needed to guarantee survival. And while huge businesses might be able to cut costs through layoffs, this isn’t always an option for […]

Extending Your Runway: Understanding the Importance for Businesses

In the world of business, the term “runway” is often used to refer to the amount of time a company has before it runs out of cash and is unable to continue operations. In other words, it’s the amount of time a company has before it needs to raise more money or generate more revenue […]

Navigating the Challenges of Small Business in 2023

As we begin the new year, small business owners are facing a set of unprecedented challenges. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread economic turmoil, and many businesses are struggling to stay afloat. But despite these challenges, there are still ways for small businesses to survive and even thrive in 2023. Here is Gigged.AI’s top […]