Hire the best Data Analyst

What does a Data Analyst do?

Are you looking for someone to collect, clean and interpret your data sets to better answer a question or solve a problem then you are most likely going to need a data analyst. Data Analysts can work in many industries including finance, business, criminal justice, science, government, and medicine. Data analysis can take different forms depending on the questions you’re asking meaning you need to ensure you are getting the correct talent for the job.

Data Analysts are the people whose job is to gather and interpret data to solve a specific problem that your company faces in its industry. When looking for a potential Data Analyst talent on Gigged.AI there are a few things you should research such as the skills they should possess.

Data Analyst Specialisation

What to look for

We have listed some of the skills you would look for in a Data Analyst so make sure your talent can carry them out:

  • Database Tools (Excel and SQL)
  • Programming Languages (statistical programming languages such as Python)
  • Statistics and Maths
  • Data Visualisation
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Communication

How can Gigged.AI Help

Using our unique skills matching algorithm we can remove the middleman recruitment company when it comes to finding talent. Simply search through our Data Analyst talent and find the perfect fit for your gig. We can help ensure that your gig is matched with specialised Data Analysts and once you identify the talent your wish to use you can chat with them via our integrated technology.

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