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What does a Data Architects role involve?

Through the use of data, a data architect can set the vision and goals for an organisation by using data design and developing databases to ensure the proper use of the data whilst meetings the organisation’s needs. They are required to develop solutions to store and retrieve company information, install, and configure the information systems to ensure functionality and analyse important structural requirements for upcoming software and applications. The data architect must be efficient in preparing and producing data design reports with accurate information for management to oversee, whilst including recommended solutions to improve their current database systems.

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What to look for?

When looking for a data architect for your next project, you should be looking for someone who showcases proven analytical and problem solving skills with hands on experience. We have listed below some of the skills and qualifications that you should be looking out for when hiring for your next project:

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What does an Application Developer do?

An Application Developer is a software engineer who designs, develops, tests, programmes, and updates applications for a specific device, such as a mobile device or a web browser, or for a specific operating system. Application developers have a wide range of responsibilities including creating prototypes for applications, writing quality code, perform testing before launch and troubleshooting and debugging applications.

There are different types of application developers, so you should look out for this when preparing for your next project, such as Mobile App Developers, Android Developers, and iOS Developers.

What to look for

Application Developers should have a balance of hard and soft skills to succeed in their role. We have picked out some of the top skills you should look out for when looking to hire an application developer for your next project:

How can Gigged.AI help

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