How Gigged.AI Works

Gigged.AI uses innovative artificial intelligence to bring freelance talent and forward-thinking clients together. 

Let Gigged.AI do the hard work

Sourcing a project team isn’t easy. And finding work as a freelancer is tough too. So save yourself the hassle and let Gigged.AI do it for you.


Sign up for free

Create your free client or talent profile to get started. All it takes is three simple steps.

Once you’re signed up, you can start finding freelancers and browsing our current gigs. 


Make a statement

Gigged.AI uses online chatbot technology to ‘speak’ to clients and create a clear and simple statement of work. 

This acts as a contract between the client and talent and defines the key deliverables and requirements. 


It's a match

A unique skills matching algorithm dives into our talent pool and matches the statement of work with the best people for the job.

The algorithm has no knowledge of someone’s age, gender, location, race or religion. So there’s no human bias.


Pain-free payments

When a statement of work is agreed, clients pay the total project fee into a secure legal holding account.

Once the work is complete or a milestone’s been reached, the money is sent to the contractor or freelancer using the online payment platform, Stripe.

How it works for clients

Save time, cut costs and reduce risk by using Gigged.AI to source, screen and onboard the top on-demand tech talent.

How it works for freelance talent

Cut out recruitment agencies and job search stress. Let clients come to you and find your next contract or freelance gig, fast.

On top of off-payroll

Gigged.AI will automatically carry out IR35 determinations for all clients with an annual turnover of more than £10.2 million.

And if the statement of work is outside IR35, the determination will be insured up to £100,000. How’s that for extra protection and peace of mind?

Mo’ money, no problems

With Gigged.AI, contractors and freelancers can get more work from more clients. All we charge is a 5% platform fee that comes off the total project cost once the work is done.

As standard, clients pay a 10% transaction fee on each completed statement of work. Want more for your money? Get in touch at [email protected] to find out about our enterprise plan.

Watch us work it

Book a 15-minute demo to find out how Gigged.AI can work for you.