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Change Management

Freelance Change Managers at Gigged.AI

Looking to cut monthly costs in your business or perhaps restructure the organisation completely? You won't want to do this without expert advice. At Gigged.AI, we supply our clients with the best possible freelance change manager for their business suited to their needs.

Gigged.AI work around the clock to ensure that we only have the best available change managers available. Every freelancer we have listed is highly experienced in change management and can help stimulate your internal projects. Easily sign-up, and you're ready to go.

Knowing when to hire a Freelance Change Manager

You've been handed the task of hiring a change manager but don't know exactly what you are looking for? Gigged.AI will stop you from worrying. Whether you are looking for leadership or leaning more towards a strategic thinking change manager, Gigged.AI will help you realise what your project needs and find top talent accordingly.

Hiring Change Managers without a fuss

Gigged.AI believes that finding the ideal freelancing change manager for your project becomes much more convenient with the right job listing (which we refer to as gigs).

You won't have to craft this job description and listing yourself though, not to worry. Start a brief online conversation with our AI software - where after being asked a few key questions regarding the role - we'll create a statement of work that outlines the qualities and skills that your company are looking for in talent.

The algorithm on Gigged.AI will take your gig and apply it to our network of skilled talent, where you will be matched up with the perfect candidate for your statement of work. You can find out more about our AI and how it works here.

Making sure hiring a Change Manager is fuss free

Gigged.AI know all too well the difficulties that come along with hiring a freelancer, and the little things you forget such as the documents and paperwork that need to be completed with it. Paperwork such as the IR35 designation or verifying employee documents etc.

You'll be happy to know this is something Gigged.AI sorts for our clients ahead of time. For most gigs, instant verification is available for talent hired. If your statement of work is outside of IR25, the determination is insured up to £100,000.

Protected payments when hiring freelance Change Managers

When using Gigged.AI to find change management talent online, all your account and payment details are kept secure using Stripe. Our clients can sleep at night knowing that the talent working on their projects are being paid without any issues.

When looking for a freelance change manager to assist your business, allow Gigged.AI to do the hard work for you. Meaning you have more time in the day for more important issues.

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