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Freelance JavaScript Developers at Gigged.AI

When you don't know where to start with JavaScript, it can be even harder knowing where to start with hiring an experienced JavaScript Developer. Thankfully, you don't have to search high and low when Gigged.AI is here to help. We can help you source the best freelance JS Developer talent the UK has to offer.

We take our time to make sure that every freelancer listed on Gigged.AI is going to be the perfect fit for your job. Whether you're stuck when it comes to understanding JavaScript, need help with AJAX, or are a bit understaffed for Front-end dev work, we can help.

Knowing when to hire freelance JavaScript Developers

Whether you're looking to improve a website, update an app, or need assistance on a part to full-time basis with full-stack development, knowing when you need freelance JS Dev help is important. Gigged.AI can take away the needle in a haystack approach and utilise our AI to pinpoint talent that suits your needs.

For someone, that could mean needing temporary JS help looking over a Progressive Web App your company is getting ready to launch, while someone else might need someone who can work on JS frameworks like they're connecting a dot to dot puzzle.

And while you might not be 100% confident in securing talent for extremely precise needs, our AI is.

Hiring JavaScript Developers without jumping through hoops

So how can hiring talent be made easier, especially if you're not familiar with JS?

Whenever you sign up to Gigged.AI and want to list a gig, our AI software will kick into gear and help build out a statement of work Gigged.AI can then use as a listing. You simply answer some questions with our chatbot, it works its magic, and you have your gig ready to rock.

The Gigged.AI algo will then get to matching your needs with our talent pool to find JS developers that can work on your project. You can see for yourself how it all works here.

Ensuring JS Devs won't cause logistic headaches.

Worried that you'll have to spend far too much time figuring out whether your amazing Gigged.AI freelancer is IR35 compliant? Don't know where to start with verifying everything necessary?

Say bye-bye to those age-old headaches with Gigged.AI here to save the day. One big problem typically encountered when hiring DevOps engineers is trying to vet candidates and ensure everything is in order. Again, Gigged.AI has it all covered. We will work out IR35 designation ahead of time and get verification sorted, so you don't find yourself losing time.

Protected payments when hiring Freelance JS Developers

Gigged.AI is 100% clear on pricing with no hidden fees. All payments for gigs are held in a secure legal holding account until your project's been delivered.

And depending on your Gigged.AI package (Standard or Enterprise), once you've agreed to a fee with your preferred freelancer, we add a 10% transaction fee on each completed statement of work. There's never anything we won't be clear on.

See for yourself by signing up today and hiring the freelance talent you need at Gigged.AI.