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Manual Testing

Freelance Manual Testers at Gigged.AI

Acquiring Manual Testers can be a tricky job, especially when you find yourself on projects with strict deadlines. Many companies will rush this process to adhere to time restraints, which will often lead to the wrong talent being hired. Here at Gigged.AI, we aim to make the process as easy as possible whilst ensuring you always hire manual testers with the right skills for you from day one.

When comparing Gigged.AI to any alternatives, what sets us apart is our track record of providing top talent to our clients every time. Try Gigged.AI today to find the right type of freelance tester for your business right now.

When is right to hire Freelance Manual Testers?

When you are starting a project, developing an app, building a website or pretty much anything, you need to ensure that it is efficient and works correctly. Every single project should include a manual tester to allow assurance that everything is working as it should.

For a company, having a tester on hand to check for potential product errors throughout production is essential. Putting a broken product or service into the market can be a disaster for a company.

We understand that a freelance manual tester can be a broad job title and description spanning many roles in a project. This is where Gigged.AI come in. We make sure that you hire a freelancer who is perfect for your project.

Hiring a Freelance Manual Tester without long winded job descriptions

Our specialised AI technology helps your business by producing a statement of work that’ll search and select the talent with a skill set that suits your project down to a tee.

What does this mean for you? The biggest benefit is this means you don’t have to write endless job descriptions detailing every aspect of the job. From your answers, which are collected using the chatbot feature – we match you up to the right talent using our matching algorithm. Find out more about how our algorithm works here.

What sort of gigs are Manual Testers hired for?

With digital now dominating workplaces, manual testers have never been more in demand or has their role in a project been as broad. Here’s a list of some of the roles manual testers are often hired for on Gigged.AI:

  • Website creation
  • App development
  • Game testing
  • Product testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Tutoring

Ensuring freelancer Manual Testers are ready to rock

One of the common frustrations we’ve heard from clients previously is that one of the hardest parts of hiring a freelance manual tester is getting the paperwork in order. Gigged.AI know all about the difficulties this can have, especially when working under time restraints. You don’t have to worry about things such as this, as we have it covered. Allowing you to get on with other tasks.

Our pricing for Manual Testers is transparent

When you sign up for Gigged.AI, not a penny has to be spent. When you get into the position where you are hiring a freelancer, we add a 10% transaction fee for each statement of work. We don’t add hidden fees, and we stay 100% transparent.

Are you looking for freelancers to help with manual testing? Start by signing up today.