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Freelance UX Designers at Gigged.AI

It's always great to get a fresh pair of eyes on a project you're getting ready to launch, especially if those eyes are nothing short of a whizz with user experience. Finding top freelance UX Designers doesn't need to be difficult when you have Gigged.AI here to help. We are here to help anyone looking for UX/UI expertise to get just that, quickly and easily, when you start using Gigged.AI today.

We have scoured the country to find the best freelance UX designer talent there is. If you're struggling to find the right fit when sourcing UX/UI talent that meets your needs, or this is the first time your company needs some help in this area, our network and software can help make things happen.

Knowing when to hire freelance UX Designers

Need some help with wireframing? Looking to get someone who can work their way around getting your website or app to work seemingly on different device types?

There are a million and one reasons why you would need dedicated UX design assistance at hand to help with your projects. You don't want to hire someone who specialises in web design when what you need is a person who can work on mobile apps. Your UX job will have unique requirements. Knowing how to distil those needs down to find the ideal candidate is exactly what our AI software excels at.

Hiring UX Designers who work to your needs

What happens if you're in charge of finding a user experience maestro and you don't know where to start? Once you've joined Gigged.AI and are ready to post a gig, you don't need to sit and research a crash course in UX to know what to say. You can let our AI do all the talking.

Using a chatbox interface, you simply answer the questions the AI asks. It works its magic behind the scenes and will create a tailored statement of work. When it knows exactly what you need, Gigged.AI will quickly start finding potential candidates who match your interests best.

You can see for yourself how it all works here.

Helping reduce the level of admin to get going

When you're hiring a freelance UX designer in the UK for a job, you might preemptively be thinking of headaches around getting documents verified or making sure works fall within the correct IR35 designation.

There's no need to worry about it. Gigged.AI has all the pernickety admin sorted out ahead of time. We will work out IR35 designation and get verification sorted through Amiqus, so you don't have to.

Secure payments upon works completed

Gigged.AI is completely clear with pricing and how funds for UX gigs are held. We use Stripe to ensure all payments are held in a secure legal holding account so they can be safely paid.

Based on your plan (more info here), you'll either pay a small transaction fee or see the price on application.