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Freelance Video & Animation Designers at Gigged.AI

Have an idea for a video scribbled down on paper and need to bring it to life? Need motion graphics for your brand to help it look the part? Then you’ll want talent that gets your ideas and can deliver. Luckily, Gigged.AI can help.

With an intuitive AI, simple to use system and advanced features, we can match you with some of the country’s best freelance video & animation designers to help projects come to life. Whether you’re familiar with hiring animators or wouldn’t know where to start with what to ask a video editor, let Gigged.AI help make the process quick and easy.

Knowing when to hire freelance Video & Animation Designers

From visual content creation to updating pre-existing animations, you want to know that the freelancer you’ve hired knows their stuff. You’ll need to find someone that works within specific animation styles and software in a manner that reflects your project needs. Hiring someone to help edit on After Effects is much different than needing someone to apply VFX to animation or video.

Gigged.AI knows how to help you find the right person for the project. It all starts by letting us get to know what you need.

Hiring Video & Animation Designers that match exact needs

Gigged.AI is powered by AI technology. We built this technology from the ground up to make the process of hiring talent as simple as possible. We know that every job is different, and it’s understanding the specifics that can help talent understand you better.

When you sign up and want to list a gig, our AI uses a chatbot style interface to ask simple questions about your project. As you answer, it works away in the background to start building out a custom statement of work. By getting to know the specifics, Gigged.AI can rush off and start looking at which talent is best suited to the job.

Get an idea of how everything works here.

Keeping admin to an absolute minimum

When hiring a freelancer, you will inevitably have to get documents checked & verified. When hiring a freelancer on Gigged.AI, you don’t.

The typically time-intensive vetting process and verification checks are completed instantly and remotely on our end, giving you back the time to get on with what’s important. And those of you who often find IR35 designation to be an issue, we have it covered

Again, Gigged.AI has it all sorted out ahead of time, with instant verification for talent hired on the majority of Gigs. And in cases where your statement of work is outside IR35, the determination is insured up to £100,000.

Keeping payments safe during your project

Gigged.AI is clear with pricing and how projects get paid from day one. Using Stripe, any funds for a project are held in a secure legal holding account, with your freelancer getting paid upon project completion. This helps avoid any problems as your project winds down.

But what about getting an animation or video project started? Sign up for free now and see how Gigged.AI can help you.