How support from Amazing freelancers will help your business!

Being the founder of a freelancer marketplace, this might not come as a surprise, but I LOVE freelancers! Gigged exists because of this love.

I’ve been thinking recently about the support we received in the early days and still receive to this day from freelancers with varying skill sets. We’ve just celebrated our first birthday, so I thought it made sense to share this story now from the early days of Gigged and how support from Amazing freelancers will help your business!

Why do I love freelancers?

It’s pretty easy to explain this one.

Before I started building the Gigged.AI platform, I was always trying to get something off the ground. To give you some insight I currently have 27 domain names in my GoDaddy account from previous “game changing” business ideas. Each time I set off to try and build the next idea out I would always get so far and find myself struggling with some part of the build and this is when I would go out and look for support from freelancers.

At the time I used to find helpful people looking for small project freelance work on Gumtree and Reddit. It was a slow and painful process but after a few years I got to know a bunch of great designers and very smart developers that I still call on today.

I quickly learned that I didn’t ever need to hire a company or agency to help, I could call on amazing freelancers to help support the issues I was having. Freelancers often work at home, round the clock, so this was often in the middle of the night after I broke something and would be having a mini panic attack.

How has support from amazing freelancers helped my business?

Gigged honestly wouldn’t exist without the support from freelancers – it’s that simple.

Let’s fast forward a few years to when I started working on the Gigged Platform (known back then as Talent Exchanger before we got a scary message from some lawyers in the US) in the middle of a global pandemic. I was locked up in my little flat spending almost every night searching stack overflow trying to fix the latest error message I was getting.

Any technical person out there will understand that little bit of excitement you feel when you are getting a new error message and you think you are making progress, but it got to the point where I had seen them all and had to admit defeat and call in some help.

This is when myself and Rich Wilson decided that we needed to pull some of our savings to get the right support. First thing we needed was a cool logo, so I called on my favourite designer from Glasgow, (someone that has helped me on tons of projects, and I have still to this day not met in person. Only chatted via the internet). We gave a very small brief and within 24hrs we had a bunch of logo ideas and one that we loved.

There were then some development issues that I was facing with an issue with our proposals, so I sent out a couple of messages and within an hour I had someone on a zoom call working through the issue with me after 12am. This is the advantage for many of being able to freelance at home – which leads me to my next point.

When do I use freelancers ?

There’s really no limits on when gigs can be picked up, due to the nature of the gig economy. Whether full time or part time, freelance work goes hand in hand with remote working and there’s plenty of people with different skill sets looking for gig work.

Even as I write this, I have a freelancer developer helping me sort a bug we are facing on a new feature, while my internal devs are working on another project within the company. This dev will fix the issue today and move onto something else tomorrow, it’s that straight forward.

I think by now you get how and when I am using freelancers but imagine having your own freelancer marketplace with over 5000 freelancers and over 500 skills and the fact you get matched to the best ones in under 20 seconds of posting a gig! No scrolling and hunting for the best ones for hours on Gumtree.

It’s as easy as posting a gig, match to the top talent, invite them to your gig and then click hire if they are available and ready to work. Then let the support from Amazing freelancers will help your business!

Gigged has sped up what was already a fast process so much that 9/10 times I have someone working on my project that very same day! You could be looking for freelance writers, UX Designers or Data Analysts but whatever it is, Gigged will match you with the best talent for your gig.

If you’re looking for someone to help you complete a project and have any questions on how the platform works, feel free to send me a message! Craig Short

Alternatively, find out how it works here and post your gigs online today.