What freelancers need to know about the scrapping of IR35 reform

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On Friday 23rd September 2022, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced that IR35 reforms were to be reversed. This came as a big surprise to most who expected a review at best. The details were published in the Treasury Growth Plan. In short, IR35 liability shifted back to the contractor. In 2017 public sector organisations became liable […]

A Dozen More Good Reasons to Freelance

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Written by Jon Younger Someone recently asked whether I would recommend the shift from full-time employment to freelancing. In support I offered all kinds of general stats, but none generated much interest. Then I remembered my old social psychological research, namely the “fundamental attribution error.”: It held that stats are almost never as compelling or […]

How to Build a Successful Start-Up Without a Single Employee

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The number of tech vacancies in the UK is now 41% higher than pre-pandemic levels — and rising rapidly. Tech roles make up some 13% of all vacancies in the UK. And salaries are growing too: the average tech salary is now 50% higher than the average across all roles. All of this means that […]

The Evolution of Remote Working

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Working from home during the pandemic Similar to nearly everyone in our industry, I have been working from home for a year now. I think we can all agree that the pandemic has changed our view on life and how people expect to work. Technology is one of the most flexible and customisable environments for […]