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A diverse mix of talent to suit your project needs

When you hire through traditional channels like recruitment companies, you are likely to be limited to single sources of talent and further limited by their availability for new work.

Gigged.AI brings together 5 main types of talent to give you the most broad coverage of skills, experience, availability and working arrangements for your project.

This way we ensure you will find the perfect match quickly, and won’t experience any delays in being able to start your project.

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Gigged contractors can be hired on a temporary basis to provide specific services or expertise for a defined period or project. They typically work with one client at a time.

Contractors may work independently or as part of a team, and they operate under a formal agreement outlining the scope of work, deliverables, and terms of engagement.

Key benefits of working with Gigged contractors:

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Richard Rees-Jones

FinOps/ITAM Consultancy Lead providing Strategic & Commercial advice and Support to Enterprise clients; identifying opportunities for risk management and cost avoidance (optimisation & cost management)

Gillian Buchan
I have over 20 years’ experience of delivering value to the business from data. The MSc complements my career experience and has provided me with modern, data analytical skills. I enjoy applying my data skills and experience to make positive change to peoples’ lives.
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Shrenik Sakriya
I have 20 years of experience in software architecture, design, development & testing of enterprise applications.


Gigged freelancers are self-employed individuals who offer services to clients on a project basis, typically working remotely or independently.

Freelancers possess specialised skills and often work with multiple clients simultaneously without long-term commitments.

Key benefits of hiring freelancers on Gigged.AI:

Pauline Cairns

An experienced iOS developer, having worked in the field since 2009. Before that I worked as an enterprise developer and architect for many years using technologies like .NET and Java.

Stephanie Earp

An accomplished applied machine learning scientist with a PhD in geophysics and ML. Expertise revolves around developing computer vision models, 2D and 3D deep neural networks, and Bayesian Machine learning models using Python. 

Simon Lawrence
I am an experienced iOS developer, having worked in the field since 2009. Before that I worked as an enterprise developer and architect for many years using technologies like .NET and Java.

Side Giggers

Side-giggers are individuals who pursue a passion or skill outside of their primary job to generate additional income or explore entrepreneurial ventures.

Side-giggers typically maintain full-time employment while dedicating their free time to their side projects, which may range from freelance work to small business ventures.

Key benefits of working with side-giggers:

Dougie Major

Skilled in Cloud Architecture, Devops, and Application Development – with a current particular interest in Serverless technologies. I hold the highest level of certification in DevOps at AWS (Professional) as well as other lower level certifications.

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Daniel Ferguson

A digital professional with experience in FMCG, consultancy and public sector. Previous roles have developed business analysis, data engineering, modelling and analysis skills alongside supplier interaction and negotiation across a wide range of sectors and business sizes.

Richard Rawlings

An experienced and intelligent developer who enjoys building performant web applications and hosting platforms to support them. Well-versed in modern web development practices, DevOps and cloud computing.

Boutique Agencies

Boutique agencies are small-scale companies that specialise in providing tailored and personalised services to clients within a specific niche or industry.

They offer a more intimate and customised approach compared to larger firms, focusing on delivering high-quality solutions and building strong client relationships.

Key benefits of hiring boutique agencies:

Clearsky Logic

UK-based digital transformation company, fully accredited with an exceptional track record and impressive portfolio. With a wealth of digital and tech experience, we thrive on helping de-risk business growth, bridging digital skills gaps whilst solving problems when it comes to scaling and implementing software delivery.


a software and cloud engineering company with a strong, broad, and deep bench in application development and a focus on quality, efficiency, and pride. Cloudsoft has a tightly focused and growing team of 35 so you will also have access to the wider Cloudsoft team to take advantage of our full range of expertise.

Frontier Digital

By collaborating with you our experts use their skills and experience to guide you through developing and integrating our in-house, community open source and commercial tools delivering solutions that are the best on the market.

Early Talent

These are individuals who are at the early stages of their professional careers, often including recent graduates or those with limited work experience.

Early talent exhibits enthusiasm, adaptability, and potential for growth within an organisation, making them valuable assets for businesses seeking fresh perspectives and long-term investment in talent development.

Key benefits of hiring early talent:

Thomas Chung

I’m an informatics student with strengths in creative work and problem solving. I have carried out lots of projects in creative technology, including proposing my own Master’s project on editing music visually using direct spectral manipulation.

Ross Buchan

Having completed a Mechanical Engineering degree I started to build on the coding skills founded during that time, and quickly discovered coding to be a rewarding focus of my problem-solving ability and analytical mind.

Daniel Filipe Cid Simoes

I have successfully completed the CodeClan bootcamp and equivalent SCQF – 8 SQA. During this hands on course I have completed three different projects.

Finding the right fit

When you post a gig, our matching algorithm selects your top 5 matches from our pool of 20,000+ profiles available for project work on Gigged.AI.

This saves hiring managers on average 3 days of CV screening and vendor management.

You will receive proposals from your matches, refine the details together and make your hire.

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The talent on Gigged.AI is based across 43 locations globally, so you can also choose your talent based on geographical location, for example if you require them to be based on site for all or part of a project.

Our Customer Success team reviews all proposals submitted to your gig to ensure you only receive relevant, high quality proposals.

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