Real World Results

Mobile App Developer for Health & Fitness App

  • Project Type: Fixed
  • Time: 1 Month
  • Deadline: December 31, 2022

We are looking to create an app as a one-stop shop for everyone who is a member of Real World Results. At the moment we work across a 3rd party app which is used for scheduling training, and everything else is on the Kajabi platform. Ideally this would all be available on one app which can work across both iOS and Android devices.

Main purpose of the app would be:

  • For clients to track training reps/set/weight and have access to coaches training videos for each exercise (similar to truecoach or trainheroic)
  • For clients to access recipes at different calories/protein and be able to select what they want each day
  • Client check in forms
  • Move everything from kajabi to the APP (welcome videos, guides, forms, educational videos, trackers, onboarding clients.).

Required Skills:

  • £4,000.00Project Budget
  • Less than 5Proposals
  • RemotePackage Type

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Real World Results

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