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How to Pilot GenAI in your Enterprise

In this blog we will look at why enterprises are piloting GenAI, how to set up use cases and how to build a project team including the key roles required.

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How Gigged.AI Can Address Consulting Firm Challenges in 2024

Technology consulting firms in 2024 are navigating a complex landscape shaped by a variety of challenges highlighted in a recent Forbes article which include talent shortages, inflation, cyber attacks and geopolitical issues that test their

Skills-Based Hiring: How to Implement in 2024

How to Implement Skills-Based Hiring in 2024

There are many Future of Work buzzwords, but one gaining significant traction is skills-based hiring.  Skills-based hiring is emerging as a potentially transformative approach to talent acquisition and talent management.


The Case for Repealing IR35

IR35, also known as the off-payroll working rules, was introduced in the UK to combat tax avoidance by contractors and freelancers who work similarly to employees but through an intermediary, such as a limited company.