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From Fulltimer to Freelance Consultant

A Marketer’s Story The first time I heard of ‘freelancing’ was in the early days of my career when working at an agency in London.

Quiet Hiring
Quiet Hiring

The Rise of Quiet Hiring

Hiring buzzwords are everywhere and have been for a while, the “war for talent” was possibly the most famous and annoying. Over the last 24


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5 Ways to Earn Extra Income as a Software Developer on Gigged.AI

If you’re a software developer or data engineer, you’re in luck. Gigged.AI is a side-hustle platform that connects skilled professionals with businesses and individuals looking for talented experts to complete short-term projects. Whether you’re looking

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11 Hidden Gigged.AI Features

11 Hidden Gigged.AI Features Freelancers And Hiring Managers Need to Know Back in July 2022 we announced that we had secured grant funding from Scottish Enterprise towards our build of Gigged 2.0. The premise of