Driving consultancy revenue growth in a turbulent market

Improve bench utilisation, minimise costs and stay agile.

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Navigating revenue challenges in consulting bench operations

Managing Partners face significant hurdles in maximising revenue from their employee bench. Identifying available skills, matching them to client projects, and adapting workforce size to meet client demands are complex tasks, especially amidst ongoing market turbulence.

Traditional approaches often fall short, leading to inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and increased costs.

If this sounds familiar, you're likely experiencing the following:

5 ways to drive revenue by optimising bench resource

1. Maximise workforce utilisation through advanced analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics allows consultancies to optimise workforce utilisation by effectively matching skills to projects. Predictive analytics can forecast demand, identify skill gaps, and allocate resources efficiently. This enhances project outcomes and maximises revenue potential, ensuring consultancies meet client needs with precision and agility.

2. Adopt strategies for agile workforce management

Agile workforce management enables consultancies to quickly scale teams in response to market changes. This involves maintaining a flexible talent pool and streamlining processes to adapt swiftly. By fostering an agile workforce, consultancies stay competitive and ready to deliver high-quality service despite external fluctuations.

3. Innovative approaches to balancing cost and quality

A hybrid model combining full-time employees with flexible contractors helps balance cost efficiency with quality. This strategy allows consultancies to manage costs by using contractors for short-term or specialised projects while maintaining a core team for consistent quality, driving better financial performance and client satisfaction.

4. Ensure optimal consultant-client alignment

Consultancies can boost revenue by ensuring they match clients with the best-fit consultants based on skills and experience. By carefully assessing client requirements and consultant capabilities, firms can create tailored teams that deliver exceptional value. This approach not only enhances project outcomes but also strengthens client satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Embrace new technology-led models for workforce management

Digital tools and platforms enhance consultancy workforce management by streamlining operations and utilising AI-driven talent matching. Embracing these tools ensures consultancies can manage their teams more effectively, adapting to changes and staying competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

If this all sounds great but you don't know where to start, you might want to continue reading... 

Gigged.AI helps consultancies to combine the power of internal skill matching and external contract talent for business growth.

Driving billability with Gigged.AI

Gigged.AI is a platform for consultancies to enable seamless identification of skills within their bench and precise matching to both internal and external projects.

By harnessing the talent already at your disposal, you can reduce reliance on expensive external hires, improve billable hours, and drive revenue growth.

When no internal match is found, clients can tap into our pool of 20,000+ global contractors, allowing them to be agile in response to client demand.

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Real-time data

Get an accurate, real-time view of the skills and availability that exist across your employee pool. Search and filter employee profiles for skills of interest.

Post roles & projects


Motivate your people by allowing them to browse and apply for new projects and roles. Help them pursue personal development and build their career.

AI Skill Matching


Our skills matching algorithm highlights the top 5 employee or contractor matches for a project, regardless of location or function.

Key benefits:

Success Story: Insights Learning and Development

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Global people development company Insights Learning and Development has selected Gigged.AI to leverage the skills of their Associate Consultants.

The platform automates the process of matching skills to projects, helping Insights to streamline people operations and free up staff to focus on critical tasks. 

In addition to detailing Associate Consultant skills and certifications, the platform shows availability and enables meetings to be booked into various calendar types, to quickly and efficiently accommodate client needs.

“Following a thorough vendor selection process, we are delighted to have selected Gigged.AI to create a new booking platform to help us better manage our fantastic, global Associate Consultant network. We are excited by the potential of the new booking platform, which will support Insights in continuing its current growth trajectory, whilst placing customer needs at the heart of decision making.”

Jackie Kipps
Finance and Corporate Services Director

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