Streamline your workforce mobility with our Internal Talent Marketplace

Capture the skills in your employee pool and match them to the right projects, at the right time.

Make skill shortages a thing of the past

Easily identify and mobilise the talents of your existing workforce to fill skill gaps without the need for costly external hires or lengthy recruitment processes.

skill shortage

Create a role and find the perfect match

Our AI-powered skills matching algorithm highlights the top 5 employee matches with the skills you need for a project, regardless of location, function or department.


Get a 360 view of your workforce without silos

Search and filter employee skills across your entire organisation to identify opportunities to build cross-functional teams or accelerate ongoing projects.

360 view

Develop and retain employees

Motivate your people by allowing them to browse and apply for new internal projects and roles. Help them pursue personal development and build their career.

Develop and Retain

More features coming soon...

AI Career Coach

Mentor Matching

Skill Gap Analytics

Skills Benchmarking

Don't just take our word for it

CIO - Energy and Utilities Industry

“Great at skill matching for our tech hires. Simple and easy to use.”

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