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Streamline your internal mobility process and match your people to the right projects.

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According to McKinsey over 70% of digital transformation programmes fail due to skill shortages. Enterprise PMO and project delivery teams are challenged with reducing hiring costs, allocating resources at scale and keeping attrition low.

Improved internal mobility can help you deliver your large projects by accessing the right talent at the right time.

With our platform, you can easily identify and leverage the talents of your existing workforce to fill skill gaps, without the need for costly external hires.

Our platform streamlines the internal mobility process, making it easier to match the right talent to the right project, reducing the need for lengthy and expensive recruitment processes. Dashboard Dashboard

Moreover, our AI-powered platform ensures that your valuable talent is engaged and motivated by offering them new opportunities and challenges within your organisation, reducing attrition rates and increasing employee satisfaction.

Don’t let skill shortages hold back your digital transformation goals. Contact us today to learn more about how Gigged.AI’s Internal Talent Marketplace can help you access the right talent at the right time.

Why Gigged.AI


Instant matching

Our AI-powered platform streamlines the internal mobility process, making it quicker and easier to match the right talent to the right project.


Easy project creation

Using our real-world staffing experience and clever AI we can help you create the perfect project brief without deep technical knowledge in minutes.


Quick implementation

Your white-label ITM can be deployed and implemented in less than 5 working days with our experienced implementation team.


Improved retention

The top reason why people quit is because of a lack of opportunity. Instantly matching to potentially hidden opportunities across your company can have a dramatic effect on retention.


On-demand tech talent

Your Internal Talent Marketplace is fully integrated with our Talent Platform so you can hire internal and on-demand tech talent in one place.


Reduced hiring costs

With the rise in distributed remote teams it is now simple and easy to search your internal talent using our white-label ITM before you hire externally. This will drastically reduce hiring costs.

How it works

Our Internal Talent Marketplace follows Gartner’s recommended structure:

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What our clients say

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Programme Manager at The Data Lab

“Our Internal Talent Marketplace helped create and match over 300 internal resources. The project creation feature and instant matching  helped save over 100 manual hours of work!”

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