The Rise of GenAI and the Demand for New Roles


May 8, 2024

In our last blog we talked about how enterprises can pilot GenAI. Consulting firm BCG shared that over 50% of enterprises have started a GenAI pilot. Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) pilot projects are not just transforming the tech landscape but also reshaping the job market. As companies increasingly deploy AI in various domains, a range of new roles has emerged, catering to the unique demands and challenges presented by AI technology. Below, we explore the top 14 role types we are seeing emerge on the Gigged.AI platform:

GenAI Prompt Engineer

As generative AI systems like ChatGPT become integral to operations, the need for AI Prompt Engineers is crucial. These professionals excel not in programming per se but in crafting precise prompts to elicit the desired responses from AI. Their expertise in communication, attention to detail, critical thinking, and data interpretation ensures that AI applications deliver targeted and relevant outputs. This role is pivotal in maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of generative AI technologies.

GenAI API Developer

GenAI APIs are interfaces that provide access to advanced artificial intelligence models, enabling the creation of new, original content based on learned patterns from extensive datasets. The role of GenAI API Developer involves designing, implementing, and maintaining these APIs to ensure they are accessible, efficient, and secure. These developers play a crucial role in integrating AI capabilities into various applications, facilitating a wide range of AI-driven functionalities, from natural language processing to complex data analysis. Their expertise ensures that businesses can leverage cutting-edge AI technologies seamlessly and effectively in their digital ecosystems. This role is essential for companies looking to innovate and maintain a competitive edge in a market increasingly reliant on sophisticated AI solutions. The most implemented GenAI API’s are by OpenAI and Google Gemini.

GenAI Platform Engineer

GenAI Platform Engineers responsibilities include developing, maintaining, and enhancing AI platforms that support the creation and deployment of generative AI models. This role not only demands strong technical skills, but also a visionary approach to integrating AI solutions (very similar to the previous API roles) that transform business operations and strategies on a global scale.

Generative Design Specialist

In fields like architecture, product design, and engineering, the role of Generative Design Specialists is becoming indispensable. These experts manipulate AI to generate a plethora of design possibilities, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Their role involves not only guiding the AI in the design process but also interpreting the results to optimise and finalise designs. Their contribution is transforming traditional design workflows into dynamic, AI-driven processes.

GenAI Input and Output Manager

Beyond individual prompt refinement, the AI Input and Output Manager plays a strategic role in overseeing the data interfacing with GenAI systems. This role becomes increasingly vital as businesses navigate the complex terrain of data privacy, copyright, AI explainability, and bias. These managers ensure that the inputs and outputs align with strategic goals and regulatory standards, safeguarding the integrity and applicability of AI outputs.

GenAI Content Auditor

Despite the advancements in AI-generated content, the necessity for human oversight remains. AI Content Reviewers and Auditors critically assess the quality, accuracy, and appropriateness of AI-generated content across various media. Their role guarantees that the content not only aligns with editorial standards and brand voice but also remains culturally and contextually appropriate.

GenAI Trainer

AI Trainers specialise in optimising AI models through meticulous training processes. They feed relevant data into AI systems and fine-tune outputs to ensure precision and applicability. Their work is fundamental in refining AI behaviour and ensuring that the outputs are not only accurate but also relevant to the user’s needs.

GenAI Maintenance Engineer

Like any sophisticated system, AI models require regular maintenance to function optimally. AI Maintenance Engineers handle the critical tasks of updating models, ensuring efficient system operations, and troubleshooting issues as they arise. Their work is crucial for the longevity and reliability of AI systems.

GenAI Security Specialist

With AI technology enabling more sophisticated cyber threats, the role of AI Security Specialists is more critical than ever. They defend against malicious AI use and develop strategies to use AI in enhancing cybersecurity measures. Their expertise helps safeguard organisational data and systems against emerging cyber threats.

GenAI Instructor/AI Literacy Educator

Just as computer literacy once became essential, AI literacy is the next frontier in education. AI Instructors are pivotal in educating the workforce and the public about AI’s mechanisms, benefits, and ethical considerations, ensuring a well-informed society that can thrive alongside advanced AI systems.

GenAI Ethics Officer

The profound capabilities of GenAI necessitate the role of AI Ethicists or Ethics Officers, who ensure ethical AI development and usage. They develop and implement guidelines to govern the ethical application of AI, promoting socially responsible AI practices that respect user privacy and fairness.

GenAI Compliance Officer

Compliance Managers ensure that AI applications adhere to established ethical guidelines and legal frameworks. As regulatory scrutiny increases, their role becomes essential in maintaining legal and ethical compliance, helping organisations navigate the complex landscape of AI governance.

GenAI Personality Designer

To differentiate in a crowded market, AI Personality Designers craft unique personalities for AI systems, making interactions feel more engaging and human-like. This role highlights the importance of user experience in the design and deployment of AI tools.

Custom AI Solution Developer

Finally, the need for tailored AI solutions in specific industries has given rise to Custom AI Solution Developers. These professionals collaborate with organisations to develop bespoke AI models that address particular challenges or enhance operational efficiency, demonstrating the customisable potential of AI technology.


As well as these 14 roles that are emerging there is still a strong demand for ML Engineers, Data Architects, Data Scientists, Date Engineers and UX Designers.

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