Is freelancing the path to ultimate freedom?

Could freelancing be the path to ultimate freedom? Freelancing gives you the ability to control every aspect of your working life. For some people this sounds like heaven on earth, for others however this is certain hell.

When working freelance you get the freedom to choose who you work for, what projects you work on, what tech stack you work in and so much more. Sounds great right? Working in the freelance community myself I may be biased but there are obviously some downsides to freelancing.

For example, security can be an issue for some. Moving from project to project can be difficult if you don’t have anything lined up. In the UK, the two traditional methods of securing freelance work include:

Further, Investopedia comments that “the drawbacks include uncertainty about future income, job stability, and consistency with getting new work”.

The way I see it, freelancing can give you freedom if you’re willing to put in the work and embrace technology. I’m currently reading Matt Mottola and Matthew Coatney’s book, The Human Cloud. An amazing dive into the freelance evolution and how we “ the changemaker” now hold the power in the workplace.

Even if you work full time for some huge tech company why would you not side gig as a freelancer to give you freedom? Give yourself the opportunity to work on projects you wouldn’t do in your full time job and work with cooler, more exciting clients and tech stacks. 

Freelance Life

A huge reward and bonus to life as a freelancer is the ability to work from anywhere. meaning it could be the path to ultimate freedom.  There is no more waking up and doing the same train journey into town, seeing the same faces every morning.

When I say the freedom to work from anywhere I don’t mean one day in your living room and the next your kitchen, get creative! Work from Spain for a month, rent an Airbnb in Germany and finish your project from there. Having the freedom of freelancing is something to be taken advantage of and most do. 

Shahar Erez recently stated in a column for Nasdaq that:

There has also been a shift where people are opting for freelance work rather than full-time roles because of the flexibility it provides”

Freelance Freedom

So in an overall summary, working in the freelance world is no easy task and you definitely need to have the right mind set. Building up a portfolio via platforms such as Upwork and Gigged.AI can be a good way to dip your toe in the water to build up a credible client base with good recommendations.

Freelancing is a great way to give yourself more freedom than you will ever have experienced before. 

The way we work in the technology industry is changing, give the platform model a try. Start your freelance journey today with Gigged.AI