How to Navigate the UK Tech Skills Shortage in 2024

Key trends, actionable strategies and case studies for tackling the emerging crisis

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About the report

In late 2023, Gigged.AI completed research among 255 UK tech leaders which revealed a pressing tech talent shortage. This updated report for 2024 focuses on proactive strategies to combat these issues raised in the survey. 

Key areas of focus include comprehensive upskilling programs, promoting internal talent mobility, and leveraging contingent hiring to fill immediate skill gaps. Our aim is to provide a roadmap for businesses to adapt in the face of these challenges.

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The tech skills shortage

An overwhelming 91% of UK tech leaders are grappling with a tech skills shortage to some degree.

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The current landscape of digital transformation

Our research indicates that a significant 72% of UK businesses are engaged in digital transformation projects. However, 22% of respondents believe the absence of the right talent is a contributing factor to the stagnation of their digital transformation project.

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Future of work trends for 2024


AI and automation are predicted to open new job categories, enhance worker capabilities, and even drive demand for uniquely human skills. The challenge for businesses will be to reskill and upskill their workforce to harness these opportunities effectively. 24% of respondents are planning on using GenAI to upskill.

Tech skill shortage strategies for 2024

Only 16% of leaders in our survey plan to use quiet hiring strategies to alleviate the tech skills shortage. Quiet hiring has three core components which are internal mobility, upskilling and contingent hiring. Quiet hiring should not be overlooked in 2024.

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About Gigged.AI

Gigged. Al is on a mission to make hiring tech talent simpler for global enterprises. Its proprietary Al-powered talent platforms provide businesses with dependable solutions to tech skill shortages.

Its Open Talent Platform gives instant access to verified, on-demand tech talent to accelerate digital projects. Its Internal Talent Marketplace captures the skills within a workforce and matches them to the right project, reducing the need for lengthy and expensive recruitment, and improving retention.

Gigged.Al has 20,000 highly skilled tech professionals on its platform, covering 500+ skills in 43 locations globally.