Case Study: How Gobeyond recruits data analysts three times faster with Gigged.AI


November 14, 2023

Gobeyond – part of the Concentrix and Webhelp group – is a consulting firm that solves complex customer journey challenges. It started working with Gigged.AI in January 2022.

The Challenge

When Gobeyond came to Gigged.AI it had a challenge with the growth strategy in its Analyst team; it was struggling to scale up and scale down resources quickly and efficiently. As an analyst practice, Gobeyond requires specialist resources to deliver services to consulting clients or those within the Webhelp Group. This is how they help organisations unlock value from data to deliver an uplift in sales performance, personalisation of customer journeys and improve employee engagement. Gobeyond’s clients need support to recruit associates and bring on temporary staff with specific skills.

The challenges Gobeyond had with more traditional recruiters were two-fold; the speed of response when searching for candidates, and the quality of candidates. Gobeyond found that it typically used to take 6-8 weeks to find a suitable candidate including writing the brief, searching, interviews and certifications checks. Sometimes, the quality of the candidates was not good enough.

Gobeyond found this was having a detrimental impact on the management team’s efficiency, draining time and resources away from other value-add tasks. Step in Gigged.AI.

The Solution

Gobeyond started working with Gigged.AI in January 2022. Their team quickly got to work on putting briefs live, in order to start receiving a selection of suitable candidates who were all matched via AI in the Gigged.AI platform. The team at Gobeyond were impressed.

They found it very easy to use the Gigged.AI platform – creating and posting an ad without even having to speak to anyone, plus seeing candidates who had the right experience and skills needed for each brief. If they did need to speak to someone in the process, they found the Gigged.AI customer team moved very quickly to answer any questions or support search efforts.

Gobeyond believe that the customer team are a huge testament to Gigged.AI by taking on board feedback and acting on it quickly and efficiently. Gobeyond think it’s the combination of innovative technology, with a super responsive team that makes Gigged.AI such a great fit for them.

So far, Gobeyond have recruited six people from Gigged.AI – including one who was such a perfect match that they went on to offer them a full-time job. Other candidates from Gigged.AI have continued to work with Gobeyond for a number of months.

With Gigged.AI, Gobeyond achieve what they need to much more quickly now. In fact, recruitment is now down to about a third of the time that it took via traditional methods.

Tom Luke, Principal Analyst Consultant at Gobeyond said:

“The flexibility, quality, and speed at which Gigged.AI has delivered candidates for us are why we continue to work with them. Gigged.AI has allowed us to be much more agile in the delivery of the analytic projects for our clients. They have delivered quality candidates to us in an innovative and easy to use platform. We are continuing to work with them and have quarterly calls set up to be more proactive in aligning on our resourcing needs, in the UK and across Europe”.

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