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What does an API Developer do?

API (Application Programming Interface) is a series of rules and requirements that allows one software application to make use of data and features that have been transferred from another application. For example, when you type into google ‘restaurants near me’, the Google Maps API will ask for your location to find places in a near proximity. API essentially acts as an intermediary to allow applications to communicate and function with third party developers, businesses, and internal departments.

API development enables businesses to connect their various day-to-day applications, saving time and breaking down communication barriers that impede collaboration and innovation. An API developer themselves will lead the development of new features and fixing any defects, whilst also producing software builds using software code. They will further build domain knowledge and support platform architects.

API Developer

What to look for

When looking for an API developer, we have listed below some of the skills and qualifications that you should be looking out for when finding a freelancer for your next project:

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a relevant field
• Excellent with Java and C++
• Familiarity with MS SQL / MySQL development
• Knowledge of HTTP and SOAP Protocols
• Experience with cross-platform development
• Familiarity with front-end development

How can Gigged.AI help

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