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What does an API Product Manager do?

API Product Managers oversee the development of applications that engage with third-party APIs. They collaborate directly with developers to ensure that these applications meet the requirements and adhere to the API provider’s standards.

API Product managers have a wide range of responsibilities which starts from analysing customer needs and market trends, coordinate with other departments in the business to ensure that all product development and specifications are aligned with the corporate objectives. As a product manager, it is expected that they manage the end-to-end process of product development from concept to production to ensure the developer experience is fully optimised, this include the management and preparation of the API roadmap. 

API Product Manager

What to look for

We have listed what skills you should look for when finding an experienced API product manager for your next project:

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, Engineering, or a related field
• Proven experience developing and managing successful API products
• Previous experience in a product management role
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Product management skills
• Ability to work in a fast paced environment

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