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What does an AI Developer do?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing technologies right now, as it is an integral part of social media and search engines. AI can be defined as a type of computer science that can stimulate and have the same reasoning abilities as human intelligence, and AI developers are responsible for developing these machines to mimic this.

An AI developer is a professional software engineer who specialises and creates intelligent algorithms that assist us in learning, analysing, and forecasting future events. When developing AI, the goal in mind is to suit the business’s needs based on data. Some of the duties an AI developer have includes tackling various business challenges using AI software, being aware of constant market changes and opportunities to use within the company. They are also responsible for the design, development, implementation and monitoring the systems.

Artificial Intelligence

What to look for

We have listed what skills you should look for when finding an experienced artificial intelligence engineer for your next project:

  • Bachelor’s degree or several years’ experience in computer science, data science or a related field
  • Knowledge of programming languages used in AI such as Java and Python
  • Proven experience in developing AI software
  • Experience with large sets of data
  • Ability to write efficient code that can process large amounts of data at a high speed
  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and AI frameworks

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