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What does a Blockchain Developer do?

Blockchain technology has transformed how the digital world manages data and conducts day-to-day business. Blockchain development is on the rise due to current trends in cryptocurrencies using it within their databases. Developers must keep up to date with current blockchain technologies and cryptography methods to ensure success in their career path.

Blockchain developers create and maintain a safe database for organisations and ensure that it is possible to conduct secure digital transactions. They develop highly secure systems for recording and storing blockchain data in a way that prevents the information and systems being hacked. Blockchain developers create application features and interfaces, as well as client and server-side applications, and design secure blockchain technologies. The developers create decentralised applications and smart contracts based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain Developer

What to look for

When looking for a blockchain developer, you must be specific in which blockchain you are actively wanting to build, as there will be freelancers who have proficiency in some but not all elements, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

We have listed some of the skills you should look for when finding a blockchain developer for your next project:

• Bachelor’s degree in information security, computer science or a related field
• Proven experience as a blockchain developer
• Excellent expertise in programming languages such as Java, Python and C++
• The understanding of the blockchain fundamentals
• Analytical and problem-solving skills
• A strong attention to detail


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