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What does a Business Intelligence Developer do?

A business intelligence (BI) developer designs and manages a company’s business intelligence infrastructure, tools, solutions, and reports. These significant reports are then used by business analysts and data analytics specialists. Big data engineers, data scientists, data warehouse designers, and database engineers frequently interact with business intelligence developers. In smaller companies, these roles may be combined into one.

Additionally, BI developers must conduct unit testing and troubleshooting, whilst evaluating and improving existing BI systems. They must maintain and support data analytics platforms such as MicroStrategy. Ultimately, a business intelligence developer will enhance BI systems to ensure a business makes better decisions.

Business Intelligence Developer

What to look for

When looking for a business intelligence developer, we have listed below some of the skills and qualifications that you should be looking out for when finding talent for your next project:

• BSc/BA in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field
• Relevant industry experience working as a BI Developer or Data Scientist
• Knowledge of SQL queries and servers
• Familiarity with BI technologies
• Excellent communication skills
• High levels of analytical experience
• Problem solving aptitude

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