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What does a Devops Engineer do?

DevOps Engineers are used to reduce the complexity that come with quickly changing an application and the tasks that are needed to maintain its reliability. The main purpose of a DevOps Engineer is to bridge the gap between the automation of process making them an instrumental component in combining code, application maintenance and application management.

The role of a DevOps Engineer will vary from business to business but almost all jobs will include release engineering, infrastructure provisioning and management of systems. It is important for DevOps Engineers to communicate and collaborate with teams, managers, and customers to ensure your tasks are being feedbacked across the entire value stream.

DevOps Engineer

What to look for

DevOps engineers need to have a strong understanding of common system architecture and administration along with the traditional toolset and experience with the traditional developer as it allows them to review code, write unit tests and understand agile principles.

Useful skills for DevOps engineers include:

  • Excellent teamworking and communication skills
  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Good attention to detail
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills, and the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time
  • Awareness of DevOps and Agile principles.

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