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What does a Full Stack Developer do?

Full stack technology refers to the full depth of a computer system with full stack developers using their development skills across both the front and back end. The front end focuses primarily on everything that includes what the front-end viewer can interact with. The back end refers to all the servers and databases that are being used by the application which is usually the stuff that the end-user will never interact with.

Full Stack Developers will take on a bunch of responsibilities that are all related to creating websites with robust internal architecture and interfaces that are both intuitive and interactive to clients. Full Stack Developers will work with a product through its initial creation until the final launch. It is important that they also keep up to date with current industry trends and emerging technologies ensuring they understand how to also deploy these technologies.


What to look for

We have listed below some of the everyday responsibilities that you should expect a Full Stack Developer to have:

  • Working with CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • Managing databases and servers
  • Keeping up with emerging technology
  • Coding across multiple languages and platforms
  • Communicating with other professions to deliver the best product
  • Prototyping of products and communication with company executives

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