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What does a Power BI Developer do?

Power BI is a robust business analytics tool developed by Microsoft. It offers interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface that is easy to use for creating insightful reports and dashboards. It enables end users to create reports from multiple data sources and provides software connectors and services necessary to connect to data sources. This tool is intended for data analysis and sharing of insights, offering a unified view of your business data.

When looking for a potential Power BI Developer on Gigged.AI there are a few things you should research such as the skills they should possess.

Data Analyst Specialisation

What to look for

We have listed some of the skills you would look for in a good Power BI freelancer, so make sure your talent can carry them out:

  • Power BI
  • Database Tools (Excel and SQL)
  • Programming Languages (statistical programming languages such as Python)
  • Statistics and Maths
  • Data Visualisation
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Communication

How can Gigged.AI Help

Using our unique skills matching algorithm we can remove the middleman recruitment company when it comes to finding talent. Simply search through our Power BI talent and find the perfect fit for your gig. We can help ensure that your gig is matched with specialised Power BI developers and once you identify the talent your wish to use you can chat with them via our integrated technology.

Typical Power BI Projects

Sales Reporting

Power BI is often used to track and visualize sales data. A freelancer might create a dashboard that shows sales over time, sales by region, top-performing salespeople, and more. This can help managers track progress towards sales goals and identify areas for improvement.

Customer Analysis

Power BI can help businesses understand their customers better. A typical project might involve creating a dashboard that visualizes customer behavior, such as purchase history, product preference, and customer lifetime value. This can help businesses identify valuable customers and develop targeted marketing strategies.

Supply chain Management

Power BI can be used to monitor and manage a company’s supply chain. A freelancer might create a dashboard that tracks inventory levels, order status, and supplier performance. This can help businesses identify potential supply chain issues before they become critical.

Financial Reporting

Many businesses use Power BI for financial reporting. A typical project might involve creating a dashboard that tracks key financial metrics, such as revenue, expenses, and profit margins. This can help business owners and stakeholders stay informed about the company’s financial health.

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