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What does a Solution Architect do?

Solution Architects are used to interlace the technical and business workings of a company. By evaluating the specific needs of a business, they are capable of building and integrating information and computer systems that meet the needs. By also examining the current system architecture you have in place and working with your business and technical staff they can recommend solutions that result in a more effective system.

Solutions Architect

What to look for

Solution Architects primarily focus on:

  • What technology can be used to solve a business problem
  • What framework and platform can be used to create a solution
  • How the application of the solution will work
  • How can this be maintained for the future
  • Mitigate the risks of third-party platforms
  • Find solutions to your business problems

How can Gigged.AI Help

Solution Architects are well versed in both technical and business skills allowing them to take responsibility for the design of one or more applications or services within your organisation. This can be seen in the form of products or services allowing them to integrate the best software and hardware to meet your requirements.

Solution architects need to have significant people and process skills as they are often needed to present their work and process. They will also need to understand what your business process is to ensure that they are creating a cohesive vision that matches your process for the usable product or service you are providing.

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