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What does a Technical Architect do?

Technical Architects, also known as IT Systems Architect, are specialists that create, maintain, and implement IT system for business or IT firms. Technical Architects are responsible for the inception of an IT product to its completion acting as a link between managers and designers or developers. This makes it important for Technical Architects to understand all aspects of a system from both a business point of view and a technical one.

Technical Architects need to be able to identify what your organisations needs are and must possess a range of skills including good communication, problem solving skills and the ability to think ahead. They must be able to agree on plans with a client and report progress to managers allowing for future IT developments.

Technical Architect

What to look for

Technical Architects should be able to work in a team to deliver a cost-efficient and effective IT solution for your organisation with key responsibilities being:

  • Determining organisation needs and system specifications
  • Analysing the needs of large systems breaking it down into manageable parts
  • Design and plan the structure of technology systems
  • Communicate best products and systems to clients
  • Explain and communicate with software designers and developers about system requirements
  • Choose and implement suitable software and hardware
  • Resolve technical problems

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