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What does an iOS Developer do?

iOS Developers create applications for smartphones and tablets that run Apple’s iOS operating system. They oversee the design and coding of the base application, as well as ensuring the application’s quality, bug fixes, maintaining code, and integrating application updates. An iOS Developer will collaborate with the design team for new features to be included in the applications and identifying and fixing application limitations. Additionally, be tasked with updating applications that are already published within the App Store.

IOS Developer

What to look for

We know you will be looking for an experienced top-notch iOS Developer to fit your project. We have picked out a few skills you should look out for when finding an iOS developer.

• Bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering, or a related field
• Excellent knowledge of iOS Frameworks
• Experience in app development
• Knowledge of Apple’s design and application interface guidelines
• Ability to work in a team

How can Gigged.AI help

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