March Madness- Gigged have lost their mind

Gigged.AI  wants to fund your project! We are running a campaign in March to fund digital projects which will help early-stage companies move their business forward.

The ‘March Madness – Gigged have lost their minds’ campaign will fund 4 projects which could include digital marketing (SEO, social media), website development, pitch deck creation, data analysis and much more. The campaign is targeted at Small to Medium sized companies that are struggling to hire tech talent.

Why are we doing this?

Gigged.AI believe that freelance platforms can help start-ups to plug the gap when they can’t find full-time talent. The number of tech vacancies in the UK is now 41% higher than pre- pandemic levels — and rising rapidly. Tech roles make up some 13% of all vacancies in the UK. And salaries are growing too: the average tech salary is now 50% higher than the average across all roles.

All of this means that small and medium companies are struggling to hire the tech talent which makes growing even harder.

Freelance First

In fact, start-ups can use freelance platforms to launch a product and get to the funding stage without a single full-time employee. That’s exactly what we done at Gigged.AI in early 2021. When Gigged.AI launched, we had no permanent employees.

All in all, we built an MVP and raised over $1M in funding without a single permanent employee. Now they have created a campaign to help companies do the same. We want to show business that adopting a freelancer first mentality can help them grow their business before they hire perm employees.

Our CEO’s message

Rich Wilson, CEO added: “We are passionate about the power of freelancers to grow your business. However, we know trying a different model is daunting at first. That is why we created this campaign to fund 4 projects in March and really kickstart digital projects. We will choose a winner each week from all gigs posted (which is free to do). We also pledge to plant a tree as part of our on-going partnership with Tree Nation.”

How to get involved with March Madness

Getting involved is super easy! First thing you need to do is head over to Gigged.AI and create a free profile. After that you will create your gig which will detail what you are looking for, the time frame and the projects budget. From there our AI will match you with top freelance talent within seconds.

We will then enter every gig that has been posted on the platform for that week, into a draw and one winner will be chosen at random every Friday. The winner will have the cost of their project covered by Gigged (to a maximum of £1000).

Competition kicks off 9am on Monday the 7th March, so get your Gigs ready to go.

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