This is the first part of a three blog series on “The Future of Recruitment” by our Gigged.AI CEO, Rich Wilson. Rich is a former recruiter at Allegis Group and associate at Gartner.

The Future of recruitment is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements and shifts in workplace norms. As we look toward the future of recruitment, several key trends come to the fore, promising to reshape how employers find and secure top talent.

Most of these showed up in Gartner’s Future of Work trends for 2023.

The future of recruitment will be characterised by a blend of technology and human touch. AI and data analytics will provide efficiency and deep insights, but the importance of human judgment and interpersonal connections will remain central to recruitment success. In the Future of Recruitment, recruiters will need to be able to leverage technology to automate tasks and identify top talent, while also using their own skills and experience to build relationships with candidates and make informed hiring decisions.

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